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Atlas Genius

Inanimate Objects

Atlas Genius - Australian brothers Keith and Michael Jeffrey - exploring more of their sound on their latest effort, “Inanimate Objects.” With the new record, the group is doing a bit more exploration with synths and non-organic instrumentation and they’re stretching what they do melodically to some really interesting levels too.

The band’s last album, they’re debut “When It Was Now” was a decent listen. There were several good songs on the record, but there were also some misses too. That doesn’t happen with “Inanimate Objects.” There are some elements that tip the scale on the pop side of things quite a bit, but there are also songs that are just really good alternative album tracks that fans of the band will latch on to. There’s always something entertaining that fascinates the ears with this record. Whether that’s the instrumentation or an unconventional melody in a chorus – there’s always something going on with “Inanimate Objects” – something that couldn’t always be said for the first Atlas Genius record.

The second Atlas Genius album is superior to their first, something that doesn’t happen that much. The group took their time with this album to get it right and it really comes through for the listeners. I’d definitely encourage you to at least go stream this record, chances are you’ll find something here to love.


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