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The Royal Concept

Smile EP

The Royal Concept just released their second EP called the “Smile EP”. This five song set is another solid release from the Swedish band.

The new EP is different than their 2013 EP release, “Royal”. That EP had six songs and while it definitely had the synth-based rock that this EP does, it also featured an organic vibe to things too. That’s not on this new EP. It’s also not nearly as ‘alternative’ as the last EP was. Where that EP featured a ton of bounce, it also had something edgy about it too. This EP is all synth-based pop that sounds like something being played at a fashion show instead of in front of thousands of fans. None of this makes this EP an inferior record, it just makes it different. This EP is smart, sexy, and fun and all five of these songs are worth listening to.

The Royal Concept makes quality stuff even though they might not be as well-known as other bands going right now. They’re certainly one the better acts to come out of Sweden as of late, and that definitely counts for something too. Give this EP a listen on Spotify or iTunes and chances are that you’ll find something to come back to.


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