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Butch Walker

Left of Self Centered

Quite possibly the hardest working man in the music industry today, Butch proves that he can not only produce some of today's best rock, but he can also perform it. After fronting the marvelous 3 and making three incredible albums, Butch's solo effort has proved to be just as amazing. From the rebellious lyrics of 'My Way', to the bitter words of 'sober' this album is perfectly crafted with lyrics that convey a message in the way that only Butch can. 'Suburbia' clearly portrays a snapshot of American society today, while 'Alicia Amnesia' roars with big guitars, and great hook. Dig deeper into this album and find a different side of Butch in 'Take Tomorrow' and 'If (Jeannie's Song)' when the song writing skills of Butch come in clear view. One can't truly respect this album until they consider the fact that no professional writer wrote these songs, no millionaire producer twisted these songs around, what you hear is exactly the way these songs were intended to sound. This is real music, the way its intended to be recorded, so Butch ,its okay to get a little self centered, because this album is really something marvelous.


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