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Danish band New Politics are back with their new album “Vikings” after their last album, “A Bad Girl in Harlem” proved to be a breakthrough for the group. On the new set, New Politics takes what they did on their last album and in a few different ways, goes away from that. The last album was very rock-centric. This album is a different animal. Part of this album has a lot of punk elements to it. The production takes you back to the last decade where bands like The Strokes and White Stripes ruled the roost, but New Politics has songs that are more of the punk variety. That’s a little less than half of the album. The rest of the set is a mash of a little bit of everything that New Politics is inspired by. Some of it is the new-wave inspired synth rock that’s been prevalent in alternative music for the last three years, some of it is hip hop, and some of it feels like some of the alternative side of pop punk. The end result of what New Politics does on their third album is something you’ll want to listen to. It’s one of the more entertaining albums that’s come out in 2015 and one that you’ll find yourself coming back to.

Great Tracks: “Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens)”, “West End Kids”, “Girl Crush”, “15 Dreams”, “Stardust”


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