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Formerly of the synth-pop outfit Carousel, Jackson Phillips has a new project now called Day Wave. It’s gloomy, organic pop with vocals that are high on effects and impact. With Day Wave, it’s not just that gloom pop sound that comes out and catches the listener; it’s the contrasting elements. Day Wave’s EP “Headcase” is a bit depressing if you listen to the lyrics and the vocals, but there are also elements of California surf pop here that are really interesting. When you listen through this EP you can get images of somebody waiting on a board for a wave that’s never going to come. It’s sad and kind of lonely, but if you look past the loneliness it’s hauntingly beautiful too. It’s a great metaphor for this EP from Phillips. The contrasting music and vocals are really interesting, but more fascinating than that I think are the amount of real effects that Phillips uses in his music. For someone just coming from a synth pop band, Phillips doesn’t dabble in that much on this EP. The only real effects used on these five songs are simple. Phillips does all of the production and records everything himself, so there are more than a few vocal elements, but that’s to make harmonies and things like that. Past that, the synth use with Day Wave is minimal. You can hear them if you’re listening for them, other than that – it’s overpowered by more organic sounds that Phillips is creating. Day Wave’s “Headcase EP” is instantly one of my favorite things to come out this summer. This music from Phillips is both earnest and honest and proves that you can be cool when you know how to play instruments too. Kudos to Phillips to getting the most out of everything he does well.


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