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Civil Twilight

Stories of an Immigrant

Civil Twilight is a band that music fans go nuts over. I’ve had a few known producers tell me that if there was one band that they could work with – they’d choose to work with Civil Twilight. Their first album isn’t the most accessible thing out there, but several people in the music business went nuts over it. The second album, “Holy Weather” is slightly more accessible and was still praised by music insiders. This latest album, “Stories of an Immigrant” is the South African originated band’s most accessible music to date.

Civil Twilight goes for a new sound on their latest album. They needed to do that with their third album. With their last two albums they made depressing songs. Even if they weren’t saying something overly so, it sounded that way because everything they did sounded elegant, but sparse. This time, the melodies aren’t accompanied by ambient distortion or anything that takes you out of the moment of a song, something that the band was guilty of doing on their first couple of albums.

Civil Twilight’s latest is their greatest. The album is filled with fun songs that range between pop songs and fun alternative songs. It’s their most accessible album to date and hopefully it will help them become more popular among general music fans outside of insider circles.


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