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Sublime with Rome


I really like Rome Ramirez’s music, and for the most part, I was a fan of the first Sublime with Rome album too. That said, that probably should have been the only album the project should have made. The first album was a cool release that went along with the tour that saw Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson recruit Rome Ramirez to front a band so they can play some of the classic Sublime material again. The last album was fine, the second album, “Sirens” isn’t. it just all feels and sounds unnecessary. Sublime isn’t Sublime without Bradley Nowell and Sublime with Rome was fun at first, but it’s not nearly as fun when we’re a few years into it.

“Sirens” starts off a bit awkward. The title track of the album is first and it’s an uncomfortable mash-up of sounds. The production isn’t great and the band also puts a Beastie Boys sample into the mix while eventually having a Dirty Heads rap feature that ruins any appeal the song had in the first place. It’s just not good and it really sets the tone for the rest of the album. The moments that you’re more likely to enjoy on this LP, are honestly just Rome songs. “Been Losing Sleep” and “Wherever You Go” are the two best songs featured here and neither of them have much of a Sublime feel to them.

Like stated before, “Sirens” just feels like something that’s altogether unnecessary. It’s almost like Rome was working on his solo album and some suits thought it would be a better idea to call the album Sublime with Rome so the touring numbers would be better. I’m not saying that’s what happened, but I’m just thinking of the only logical reason as to why this album was made.


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