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Kid Astray

Home Before the Dark

Although they’ve been around since 2012, Norwegian act Kid Astray are currently buzzing in the U.S. with a few single release and a new LP in “Home Before the Dark”. The buzz the group is generating turns out to be justified thanks to songs like “It’s Alright”, “Diver”, and “Cornerstone”.

The deluxe version of “Home Before the Dark” is available to stream on Spotify right now. There are fifteen songs on the release and it’s actually a really good listen. Dual vocalists Benjamin Giørtz and Elizabeth Wu have a lot of chemistry in their harmonies and both of them add an interesting dynamic to the music that similar bands don’t necessarily have. Both of them share synth responsibilities along with bassist Håkon Carlin and because there’s more than one person running the programming and auxiliary sounds the music sounds vastly different. There are three different synth personalities running in the music on “Home Before the Dark” and you can really hear them.

Kid Astray is at their best when their furthest away from anything formulaic or standard. Songs like “Walking” are the most enjoyable on the album. The recorded vocals aren’t perfect, but on sometimes that adds personality instead of throwing you off. Those vocals and the world music style, (with their programming and percussion), that accompanies them on the aforementioned “Walking” and “No Easy Way Out” mesh perfectly.

Kid Astray have one of the more enjoyable albums of 2015. It’s 15 songs long and filled with quality songs. The band’s style is unique and refreshing and having multiple personalities in their synth work really stands out. Give this album a listen once and you’ll be listening to it again and again.


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