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Ryn Weaver

The Fool

Ryn Weaver comes off as enjoyably eccentric in both her image and her music. The Californian songstress has made waves for herself since she published “Octohate” on her SoundCloud account last year and she was mentioned in seemingly every new music in 2015 article out there. Now, after a year of waiting Ryn’s debut album, “The Fool” is available now.

Working with talented producers and a who’s who of music industry talent including Charlie XIX, Ben Blanco, and Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos, Weaver is thought by some to be the formulaic creation of a pop star. She’s anything but. Her crazy high vocal and the eccentric nature of her lyrics are her own, and her collaborations with producers and songwriters have been just that, collaborations. She’s more than capable of holding her own in any room filled with creative people. She’s not doing anything that your favorite bands haven’t been doing for the past five years, I can promise you that.

Rant aside, what makes Weaver special on “The Fool” is the personality she projects in her vocals. She sings believable truths in an authentic way that can’t be duplicated by anyone else running right now. She has incredible range that’s perfect for the quirky music she makes with Blanco, Angelakos, and whoever else helped out with the production and writing. On “The Fool” there’s a ton to like. Its modern pop infused with folk influences. I don’t know anyone else that’s making that type of music right now. If you love smart pop and you enjoy a strong female artist to chill out and listen to sometimes, this is the perfect fit. Big things have been happening for Ryn Weaver over the past couple of years. I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon.


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