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Familiar 48

Wonderful Nothing

On the first play of Familiar 48's "Wonderful Nothing," anyone would swear that they've heard them before. Perhaps their name has more meaning than expected. They sound VERY familiar (did someone say Nickelback?), but not at all in a bad way. So many songs from this album could be taken successfully to radio, because of catchy guitar riffs and subject matter featured: the ups and downs of relationships. The stand-out song would have to be "Miss You," despite the success of "The Question," which has been playing on radio stations across the country. The album's other high points come on some of the slower tracks, including "Too Late," "Endings," and "Place of You." They showcase the vocals of lead singer Jayy Mannon in a better format, and utilize the band's acoustic styling perfectly. From start to finish, the album comes across as being very catchy, yet does not stray out of the rock genre and into pop (which is a very good thing). The only real complaint that could be made is that many of the songs sound similar to each other. This complaint is valid, but the album as a whole is still better than 75% of the CDs released from more recognizable bands on the music scene today. "Wonderful Nothing" is just a few steps away from being something really wonderful.


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