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Young Guns

Ones and Zeros

Young Guns did some good things with their 2012 release “Bones”. They had a fresh take on mainstream rock that in a lot of ways was like post-grunge, but a more evolved version of it. “Ones and Zeros” is a completely different album than their debut. This album focuses far more on Gustav Wood’s vocals and it takes their sound to a bit of a different place. Instead of elements of post grunge, you get more elements in arena rock.

Although Wood’s voice is nothing like the era of music that this album reminds me of, this album is sonically like an 80s pop rock album, something that I really never would have guessed based on their last record. It’s softer rock that fits well into a live show.

The arena-ready sound fits them better with this album and the dramatic nature of the music can really pull in a listener. This album is really good, but it’s still doesn’t match what Young Guns has the potential to do. There are still hints of that scattered across this LP. If you like mainstream rock with an arena twist and big sweeping production, then you’ll love this.


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