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Part of Nashville’s rising pop scene, COIN’s self-titled debut album from Columbia just came out last week. While it’s a really good listen the entire way through, some ambitious moments towards the end of the set will make you realize the group played things fairly safe for most of the album.

Although they’re out of Nashville, COIN sounds like they’re from California. They have a modern-synth infused vibe mixed with California pop that’s a very cool and very mellow listen. Everything sounds great and the songs are all pretty easy to get into. They blend into each other well through the brunt of the album for better or worse. It’s when the album hits the end, when things get good. The intro of “Speaking Voice” and the song in general exhibits what the band could be. After that song, the next two – “it’s a Trap” and “lately” - are both great tracks that finish the album better than it started, something that rarely happens in this era of music.

COIN has some good things going on with their debut, especially towards the end of the album. The front of the record is okay. There’s a lot of catchy stuff that fits in well with the indie pop scene. But it’s the end of the album where this hits its groove. This is good, but if most of the rest of the album was like the last three songs, it would be even better.


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