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Coasts EP (2015)

Out of Bristol – UK act Coasts made a splash with their Coasts EP that was released when they were an independent. Now, they’re on to something different as a signed act and they’re back with a new release that’s also self-titled and features some of the old songs on it. The EP features “Oceans” and “A Rush of Blood” - both are great tracks that have been around for a while. They don’t sound like they’ve been messed with too much on the new release, something that’s actually a good thing. The two new tracks on this EP are “Stay” and “Modern Love”. “Stay” is a nice song, but this version of “Modern Love” is the best song on this EP – something that’s not a small statement. Coasts and their tidal wave of sound still has a ton to offer, but this EP still isn’t enough. I’m intrigued to hear what they can do with an album. I think when they release that some huge things will happen for Coasts if they haven’t happened already.


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