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As It Is

Never Happy, Ever After

I’m a bit torn when it comes to pop punk band As It Is on their debut LP “Never Happy, Ever After”. Lyrically, they’re brilliant. I can’t say that I’ve heard lyrics that even approach on being as smart as As It Is writes. The lyrics are brilliant, but their method of delivery – their vocals isn’t recorded on the album as good as it could have been. There tug of war elements to As It Is scattered around the album. They have something brilliant and then something that takes away from that right after you hear it. There’s an amazing lyric or an awesome guitar line and then it’s followed by pop punk’s best friend – the bro chorus – or a harmony from another band member outside of Patty Walters where the vocal isn’t recorded up to snuff. As It Is is made a really good album but there are a few things scattered on these songs that keep it from being great. That said, some of these problems can turn into lovable flaws the more you listen through the album. It makes the music sound more real and true, and that’s definitely not a bad thing. If you’re a not a fan of the genre, then you probably won’t like this album. But if you are, this is going to be something you’ll love listening to and it will be something you’ll be listening to years from now.


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