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Parade of Lights

Feeling Electric

After releasing a four song EP earlier entitled “Golden”, Parade of Lights took those four songs and added to them to make their debut LP, “Feeling Electric”. The songs from the EP are still the highlights off of the record, but the new music they recorded has its own unique vibe that meshes well with the existing content. New songs “Wake Up”, “Feeling Electric”, “Can’t Have You”, and “Silver and Cold” are all solid songs that you’ll love listening to just as much as the EP if you were into it. You can also listen through and appreciate the synth and organic nuances littered across the new songs.

If there’s one critique I can say really say about the album, it’s that the six new songs don’t all have the powerful production that the EP had. There’s still some solid work there, but there’s nothing that’s as cool as the production that we heard on “Island” and “Burn”, luckily – if you haven’t given the band a chance yet, those songs are on this release too.

Parade of Lights is one of my favorites. They make powerful synth-based pop with some really cool alternative elements and they write some awesome melodies. They did it on their EP and they did it again with the rest of the music they made for their debut LP. If you haven’t given PoL a chance yet, I suggest you do.


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