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Following up their breakthrough album, “Vessel”, Twenty One Pilots is back with “Blurryface”. The album has the duo taking a ton of chances – something that’s not entirely new for them. Although it has its moments, it’s not nearly as experimental as the last record was.

With “Blurryface”, there’s more of everything sonically than there was with the last record. There are more reggae vibes. There are more rhymes. There are more organic sounds than just the acoustic guitar. There are also more songs that are accessible for people outside of the duo’s core group of fans. There are still additional songs that has Twenty One Pilots rocking some crazier percussion and some unsuspecting melodies along with them, but there’s also a few more songs here that everybody can get into. Speaking of lyrics, Tyler Joseph remains one of the coolest lyricists alive with his work on “Blurryface”. Every time you listen to this album you can hear something new to understand and interpret. There are layers of meaning in all of these songs, and that’s the biggest aspect to admire on the album.

Twenty One Pilots’ “Blurryface” is anything but a sophomore slump. The album will win over new fans and appease the ones they already have. The album is great, but if you’re like me – you won’t be able to wait until you can see it live.


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