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Life of Dillon

Prologue EP

Life of Dillon is a trio that originated from the UK. They’re made up of David Keiffer, Joe Griffith, and Rob Griffith. The Griffith’s were born in Brazil, and because of that the trio has spent a lot of time there – and pretty much all over. In Brazil the guys met a surfer named Dillon and admired the way he lived his life and made it their own credo – that’s how Life of Dillon started.

Self-proclaimed as acoustic house music. That description fits the trio perfectly. Through this five song EP the house beats dominate and they’re accompanied by acoustic guitars and banjos. It’s an interesting sound that will pull you in right away. American Authors proved that most people have become suckers for a banjo, and Life of Dillon use it prominently in their songs. It’s a perfect fit sonically with the band’s rustic multiple vocal approach. The house beats can be a bit much sometimes, but for the most part they add more than detract from the sound.

Life of Dillon has five really cool songs on this EP. “Dreams”, “Overload”, and “Bluebird” stand out as highlights but the other two songs have their moments too.


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