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Trust Fall (Side A)

I was surprised to see Incubus releasing what amounts to two EPs instead of a full-length album. Even though the two Eps will still be an equal amount to a full-length album, it’s not how I’m used to ingesting the band’s music, when you listen to an Incubus album, that’s what you’re doing – ingesting. You’re absorbing a band that has the best chemistry among them in the studio and live – maybe ever. If the don’t have the best chemistry ever, then they’re definitely on the list. The other reason why you’re absorbing Incubus music when you listen to it is because of the grandeur concepts of the lyrics themselves and how every note and rhythm played behind them act as a catalyst for what they do. What I’m trying to say is that Incubus music tends to be so significant that it’s hard for me to listen to it in small doses. Really, that’s the lone problem I have with “Trust Fall” (Side A) – it’s too short. I feel like we’re only getting half the story with the album.

The four songs on this EP are really well made. The title track is a schizophrenic song that’s all over the place. It’s a chaotic symphony of sound that you’re likely to enjoy if you like any of the band’s previous work. The song is more than six minutes of bliss. The other three songs are all pretty comparable in quality too. All three are tremendously well-written and true to form, they sound amazing.

How good these four songs are doesn’t change the fact that it feels incomplete. The closest comparison I can come up with is how they stretch the last part of a movie series into two different movies to generate more income. When the first part is over and you realize you have to wait for a year to watch the rest, it’s a really incomplete feeling. Incubus didn’t necessarily do this to generate income, but you still get that incomplete feeling after these four songs.


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