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Prinze George EP

By way of Maryland and now based out of Brookyln, it’s somewhat surprising that more people haven’t caught on with Prinze George yet. The trio is remarkably talented – especially in the vocal department with Naomi Almquist’s voice. On their self-titled EP that was just released, the trio’s talent for song writing and some great production is on display with Almquist’s work.

The five song EP is led by the catchy, “Upswing.” That song is a microcosm of the band’s work and really showcases what all three members of the band do best. Almquist’s voice is featured on the track just like it is on the rest of the EP. Producer and multi-instrumentalist Kenny Grimm’s work as a producer on that song is some of the best that I’ve heard all year and the drumming work of Isabelle De Leon can’t be undersold either. The trio has a lot of chemistry that you can hear on the EP, but especially on that song.

My favorite thing about this self-titled EP is the variety of the tracks. There’s some acoustic vocal-driven stuff, there’s a couple of songs that are down the middle pop songs and then there are a couple of production heavy songs that can be enjoyed too. I’m a fan of Prinze George, listen to “Upswing” and if you like that song, odds are you’ll enjoy the rest of the EP too


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