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Fireflight’s first album in three years, and the band’s sixth album overall, is “Innova”. The word, Innova is an old word that means rebirth. It’s an apt title for a record that has the band progressing their sound in some substantial ways.

With “Innova” you’re getting what’s always been great about Fireflight. Dawn Michelle’s vocal has always been one of the best in the business and it’s showcased on this new album over and over again. Along with that great vocal you’re also getting the best Fireflight songs that have come since their 2008 album, “Unbreakable.”

There are plenty of familiar elements for Fireflight fans on “Innova”, but they also do some entirely new things on the album. They get away from a Skillet-inspired version of mainstream rock that they were probably too comfortable in for too long. On this sixth album, Fireflight explores a myriad of sounds to create an album that they've never made before.

Kudo's must be given to Fireflight for taking a risk with a new album and having it pay off in a big way. There are some unforgettable moments on this album that fans new and old will come to love. The duo with Stephen Christian from Anberlin comes to mind along with the piano driven “Light Inside”, and their anthem of sorts – “Keep Fighting”. “Innova” is the perfect title for a sixth album from Fireflight. After listening through this album, you’ll come away with a new opinion of what they’re capable of. I know I did.


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