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California Nights

The duo of Bobb Bruno and Bethany Cosentino, better known as Best Coast, just released their third LP. The new album, “California Nights” is their follow-up to their 2013 EP, “Fade Away.” “California Nights” has Best Coast making some of their best music to date but they don’t explore a lot of new territory on the new album.

Best Coast is a lot like Hole. Not only does Bethany Cosentino have a similar delivery to Courtney Love, but a lot of the inspirations behind their music are the same. Everything from punk, grunge, surf-rock, and 60’s pop is infused into the music. They've always shared a lot of similarities, with the lone break being their sophomore album, “The Only Place” – the vocals on that album were smoother and Cosentino’s did some different things on that album.

With “California Nights” Best Coast does a number of things exceptionally well. The sound might not be entirely different for the band, but they do a really good job of shifting the tone and mood of the record from time to time. Cosentino gets a lot of much-deserved credit for Best Coast, but if you become a regular listener of the group you’ll fall in love with Bobb Bruno. His work on this album is exceptional. He drums like a mad man and his guitar work is just as much of an identity for Best Coast as Bethany Cosentino’s vocal.

If you’re looking for something vastly different than today’s synth-driven indie pop, then you should look into Best Coast. It’s as far removed from a synthesizer driven record as you’re going to hear in 2015. This album grows a bit stagnant towards the end of the album, but for the most part Best Coast delivered an album that organic music fans should love.


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