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Northern Faces

Northern Faces

Northern Faces has the kind of music that instantly connects with people. They're like that bar band that you hear for the first time and become a fan for life of. Fittingly, the band is from New York where they've had to win over several fans in plenty of bars. Thanks to both Bryan Shortell and Marco Testo, the trio rocks some awesome vocal work. They also feature some amazing guitar work from both Testo and Shortell. On the trio's new self-titled album from Equalvision Records, Northern Faces showcases solid songwriting, excellent instrumentation, and a sound that's something that sonically feels like something that sounds much more expansive than a three piece band. Ironically though, that expansive sound makes their music less enjoyable at times. It's when they use a lot of space in their music that the band is at its best. When they do that on songs like "Back and at it" and "Get out the Way", their sound is elite, when they get away from it and add in a bunch of guitar effects and reverbs, the sound drones on a bit too long. Northern Faces is a band that oozes cool. They have some pretty average material here, but they also have a ton of amazing content here too. If you like to be on the ground level of acts that evolve into something groundbreaking, it might be a good idea to go and listen to this now.


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