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How Do You Feel Now?

Joywave does some interesting things with their music. There’s an industrial alternative element to it that seemingly plays a constant tug of war with synthesized pop that makes for a dramatic listen. They’re equally parts Nine Inch Nails and Passion Pit – oh and they do a ton of stuff with house beats too. Joywave is amazing and that’s exemplified on “How Do You Feel Now?”.

“How Do You Feel Now?” is good because it constantly keeps you off guard. At the start you’ll hear “Someone New”, which sounds like a Muse song off of “The Resistance” then the next song, “Carry Me” carries a disco beat in the chorus with more of an alternative vibe in the verse. The entire album is like that. It constantly shifts and changes and keeps you on your toes. If there is a problem, it’s that I wish they would incorporate more songs like “Someone New” into their sound. It’s the most entertaining part of the album and stands tall above the dance/synth songs that don’t resonate nearly as well. The balanced version of what their sound can be is epitomized on “Parade.” It doesn’t pack a punch with any kind of guitar, but it’s a schizophrenic song with all kinds of weird sounds plugged in at perfect moments.

Joywave is best when they’re a few steps away from their dance influences. When the band is in full alternative mode on songs like “Someone Now” or balanced on songs like “Parade” and “Nice House” that’s when they’re at their best. This album is never boring and if you give every song a listen you’re likely to find something to get obsessed with.


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