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Michael Angelakos’s brainchild Passion Pit just released its third album, “Kindred.” After listening to the record for a few days now, it’s safe to say that “Kindred” is Angelakos’s best work to date and it’s superior to Passion Pit’s previous efforts “Manners” and “Gossamer.” Sure, Angelakos embraced hooks and melodies of the pop nature more so than his two previous albums, but the upbeat synth anthems that are featured throughout “Kindred” proves that he made the right choice.

“Kindred” is obviously in the same vein as previous Passion Pit albums but it’s modernized a bit with several updated sounds. It also borrows from a few different eras in stylings – something that creates a captivating album to go through. There are a few 80s new wave inspirations here, but nothing like several other bands incorporate into their sound. There is however tons of 90s pop and R&B sounds running through this album. When you combine that with Angelakos’ awesome toy box of sounds and ideas – the result is an album that’s as entertaining as you’ll find.

The third album from Passion Pit is the best and based on the evolution that Angelakos has done from album to album, his best music is undoubtedly in front of him. Be sure to listen to Kindred when you get a chance. You won’t find another album quite like it.


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