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What's Real

Formed and fronted by Van Pierszalowski, Waters has a wonderful entry into the melodic indie rock genre in “What’s Real.”

The band is a lot like Grouplove, and that’s an instant comparison, especially with Grouplove’s Ryan Rabin contributing a production credit on “What’s Real.” Waters gets a ton of influence from Grouplove – the psychedelic but still melodic nature of their songs, the hippy-centric vocals, and the groovy bass lines are all pretty similar. If there’s a difference between Waters and Grouplove it’s that Waters is slightly more of a straight-across alternative act than Grouplove. They don’t flirt with the pop genre at all, all of their songs are grunge inspired alternative numbers that fans of the genre will love.

As far as “What’s Real”, the production is great on the record and the vocal by Pierszalowski will keep you entertained throughout. If there’s a weakness it’s that the songs on the second half of the album aren’t quite as good as they were on the first. Because of that the final three to four songs are somewhat boring.

Waters’ What’s Real is a solid album from the band and a cool debut for them on Vagrant. There are some dull moments but most of the album is a raucous alternative rock affair that you should at least give a listen to on Spotify or your favorite streaming service.


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