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Lurid Glow

Four years ago, when Athens, GA band Reptar came out, I was a huge fan. The EP “Oblangle Fizz Y’all” was amazing and the follow-up to that “Body Faucet” was equally impressive. The band’s latest, “Lurid Grow” has its moments but it’s also not nearly as good as the band was three years ago.

The first thing you need to realize with Reptar is that the band is largely an art-rock band that uses horns and synths mixed with modern pop to create a psychedelic blend of music that is completely a style of their own. They did that efficiently on their last two releases, that’s not necessarily true with the new album. They recorded this album, as a lot of bands do, to reflect more of their live show. The problem with that is the entire thing feels like a giant jam session with no moments of improv. It’s just kind of boring and when it’s not boring, the band gets a little too experimental. There’s no happy medium. It’s a problem that they've always had, and I’m sure it’s a problem they’ll always have.

Reptar’s “Lurid Grow” has its moments of awesomeness, especially at the front of the record, but it also has its fair share of problems too. If you liked the bands previous work, chances are you’ll find something here, if you’ve never heard of Reptar before, you’re not going to miss much by skipping this album. It’s a bit of a disappointing album, but Reptar’s still an awesome group.


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