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Swiss Lips

Out of the UK, Swiss Lips is one of those bands that people have been listening to before they’ve officially released anything. Dallas had us on to them in 2012 with their song “U Got the Power” and since then we’ve paid attention to everything they've done. With the release of their debut self-titled release, we’re hoping more people pay attention to.

A five piece out of Manchester, Swiss Lips does one thing exceptionally well – crafting hooks. Whether they do it with a synth rhythm or whether they do it vocally, they excel at it. It’s what makes their songs so enjoyable. You can hear it for yourself on their latest single “Books”, their old single “U Got the Power”, and my personal favorite track on the record, “Honey.” The band’s hooks are original and entrancing. Just because they excel at crafting hooks doesn't mean that’s the only thing they do well. They use their synths and rhythms as a building block for their songs and they do an excellent job of using traditional methods to flesh out the rest of their music. They do that over and over on their debut album.

Even though it loses some steam after the first five or six songs, everything on the debut album from Swiss Lips is enjoyable. Be sure to check out this release, you’ll have something from it going in your playlist through 2015. As it turns out, the debut album from Swiss Lips was worth the wait.


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