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I’ve become more and more of fan of Finland’s Satellite Stories over the past three months. Ever since Dallas had written about the group in his 15 in ’15 feature, I’ve sought out any song that they’ve done, and I’ve been impressed with virtually everything, especially on their album “Vagabonds.” The album is eleven songs of alternative pop bliss. There’s not a weak moment of the record and the best songs on the release are both on the front AND the back of the album. Releases of this quality just don’t come along very often. The song writing is terrific, the production is tremendous, and frontman Esa Mankinen’s voice is addictive. I have to admit that part of the appeal for me with Satellite Stories is that Esa sings with a bit of accent. It helps separate the band’s sound from everything else that’s in or close to the alternative genre these days. Vagabonds is an inspiring album. Its eleven songs of perfection that you should immediately go listen to.


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