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When Aaron Bruno stopped making music for the masses, he actually ended up making music for the masses. After struggling with two previous bands, including Under the Influence of Giants, Bruno found massive success with AWOLNATION. This week, Bruno released the second AWOLNATION album, “Run”. If the debut album, “Megalithic Symphony” was simply Bruno making the music that he wanted to make without thinking of an end-game, this album is that monster with a more vicious snarl and a bigger bite. “Run” doesn’t cater to anything other than being completely off the wall. The style of these songs vary from track to track and they’re all over the map. One song could been written on a ukulele, a couple of songs are influenced by industrial rock, other songs is a simple pop song. This album is as schizophrenic as it could have been.

If you give a guy like Bruno creative freedom, then the final product is going to be a little unbalanced and unpredictable. It’s also not going to appeal to everyone, and that’s what “Run” is. It’s the album Bruno wanted to make, not the album we wanted him to make after releasing one of the records that has defined the decade. “Run” isn’t that album, but it wasn’t supposed to be. It’s what Bruno thought he needed to say with a new record.


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