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July Talk

July Talk

Out of Toronto, July Talk surpassed my expectations of their ability to sound original within the first listen. Not only do they have a frontman and vocalist in Peter Dreimanis that has a raspy growl that’s not entirely comparable to anyone in music right now, but they have another vocalist in Leah Fay who’s just as good at her own style that’s also pretty damn unique. If you combine dual female/male vocalists with an indie rock that meshes with rockabilly music flawlessly and you’re not even pigeonholed exclusively to that style – then you’re doing something right.
Their self-titled album starts out with the rhythmic thumping rockabilly jams in “The Garden” and “Guns + Ammunition.” Then things slow down to the blues infused “Paper Girl” and “Gentlemen.” From there, we get the indie rock/punk vibed “Headsick” and the edgier “Summer Dress.” The point is, July Talk’s self-titled album is a fun romp filled with bass lines that shake speakers and vocal harmonies that will blow your mind. It’s a sound that the mainstream would need to be warmed up to, but a sound that fans of the alternative genre could easily get obsessed with.


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