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Our Own House

Misterwives are a quirky five piece led by female vocalist Mandy Lee. They have an awesome sound that can be described as a blend of alternative music and modernized upbeat jazz. It’s an interesting blend that’s carried on their debut album “Our Own House” by two things – Lee’s awesome voice and the outstanding sounds from the rest of the band. Lee’s voice is incredible. With their EP, I wasn’t crazy about it, but the more the band diversified their songs and the more Lee shifted her vocal to go with those songs – the more I’ve grown to appreciate both her diversity and her overall talent. She’s a once in a lifetime vocalist and if Misterwives has as big of a year in 2015 as we’re expecting, her voice is going to be one of the main reasons. That being said, I’m not so sure that you can undersell the work from the rest of the band. Listening through their debut LP, “Our Own House” there are countless times where I heard a sound or a part and thought to myself – ‘holy &##@ that’s cool.’ Misterwives does a good job of accenting Lee’s vocal with some original guitar and bass work accompanied by some production that’s top notch. Overall Misterwives “Our Own House” is an exceptional listen. Some of the more mellow songs are a bit boring and they blend together too much, but through most of the album that’s not the case. Misterwives is a new band that’s set to make a huge impact throughout this year.


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