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The Last Goodnight

Poison Kiss

The Last Goodnight’s “The Poison Kiss” is the band’s Virgin debut, even though it’s a rerelease and if you’ve never had the chance to listen to these guys before (other than the single) you’re in for an excellent hour of music. They effortlessly pull off a sound that’s becoming more and more prominent; the recreation of late 70’s/early 80’s music into something that’s more modern in both content and production. It seems like more and more bands are immerging with that style, but The Last Goodnight is on top of that genre. There’s a certain amount of conventionalism with The Last Goodnight that’s easy to listen to. Since they are heavily influenced by Elton John, Hall & Oates, and other prominent song writers of the retro era, they have a strong core to all of their songs. Everything moves and flows near flawlessly from vocals to drums, it’s a sure-fire way for the band to be pop success. “Pictures of You” is a great example of that, it’s a good song because it’s catchy, but It’s a great song because of the intricacies that move the music from section to section. The movement from the verse to the chorus and from the chorus to the verse is unpredictable and because it’s a little different it makes the song perfect. Not all of the songs are as good as Pictures in terms of flow and movement, but everything is damn close to that. If you want a couple of good examples though, check out “Back Where We Belong” and even “One Trust.” While this album is a rerelease it’s virtually unheard of. Even though these guys are getting some serious radio play right now and some attention they feel like this semi-underground thing that’s ready to blow up. Excellent song writing and even better musicianship and production make the Last Goodnight’s “The Poison Kiss” not just likable, but one of the better albums to come out in the past few months.


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