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Pat Monahan

Last Of Seven

After ten years fronting the band Train, Pat Monahan takes a shot at a solo album, a move that typically either ignites or kills a career. While Monahan’s lead single “Her Eyes” might strikingly resemble his band’s breakthrough hit, “Meet Virginia,” that’s really where the similarities between Monahan and Train come to an end. While this album musically isn’t going to break any new ground, Monahan is able to carry this album easily on the power of his distinct voice and unique writing style. So what makes this album so different from Train? Well for starters, Monahan isn’t afraid to gamble into musical styles and rhythms that he wouldn’t dare as a part of Train. Take for instance the female background vocals found on a handful of tracks in this album, most notably on “Raise Your Hands,” which could easily be categorized as more of a gospel song than any genre Train found themselves in. Whether the paths that Monahan decided to venture down were the right ones are hard to say, but you’ll have a hard time drawing a parallel with any Train song on tracks like these. While these new styles may not appeal to everyone, some of ballads on this album are nothing short of lyrically remarkable, and that’s really where this album separates its self from everything Monahan’s done with Train. Monahan puts it all out there, with some of the most personal, heartfelt lyrics he’s ever written. Most notable are “Great Escape” and “Always Midnight,” two tracks that find Monahan at his finest. Monahan said that he felt like while writing this album, it was so personal that it needed to be a solo record, and on tracks like these it’s very clear why.


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