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Monday In London

Monday In London

This classy e.p from North Carolina’s Monday In London follows the debut album Red Machine on the Indianola label.

This material is unequivocally superior to that and progresses into melodic contemporary hard rock territory, leaving in its wake the clichéd new wave punk meanderings of its predecessor. Interestingly the overall sound is very similar to the pop metal now favoured by Lostprophets. Indeed the bands are uncannily similar, both started out in the more obtuse hardcore metal scene before evolving into bands with an appreciation of melody. New singer Matt Scharwtz has made an incredible difference to the character of Monday In London and elevates proceedings to a new level. All six songs are worth a listen, and all combine superb backing vocal arrangements with memorable hook lines. ‘Our Equinox’ and ‘Leaving and Waving’ are the most Lostprophets-like offerings, whilst the brilliant closing ballad ‘Adeline’ leaves you ruing the fact that this isn’t a full length album. Utterly superb! go to to order.


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