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Do You Feel

It’s rare when an album comes around and you listen through it and it blows your mind. The new Rocket Summer album, “Do You Feel” does that for the listener. There are songs on here that are perfect, songs that have structures and roots so strong that there’s absolutely no way to break them down. The best examples of those are the first three tracks- “Break It Out”, “So Much Love”, and “Do You Feel.” This is pop songwriting that hasn’t been done by someone for their own album in years. Those three songs set the tone for how good this album is and these songs can shake your soul if you’ll let them. I’ve never liked Bryce Avary’s voice, but that’s changed here. On “Hello, Good Friend”, there’s not a song on that album that I could really get into because I found his voice a little annoying. Maybe it was the budget with Rocket Summer’s Island Records debut that has really changed things, but I think it’s more than that. Avary sing’s with so much conviction here, that again it will rattle you and just amaze you. The more upbeat/pop songs showcase this, the slower ballads don’t so much, but when it happens on this disc it just sticks out as some of the best music I’ve ever heard. On a vocal rating Avary gets a 10. Amazing. So song writing and vocals are outstanding, the music is amazing; there’s not a negative thing with the Rocket Summer album, except for maybe those ballads. They’re good songs; they just don’t shake you like the rest of the album. Avary can be a little intimidating at first because it’s so high, but if you can shake that and just open your mind you’ll be blown away by some of the best music of 2007.


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