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Secret Weapon

The latest MXPX release, “Secret Weapon” is the band’s return to indy-label Tooth & Nail, and it also happens to be a big welcome back to making good music for the punk trio. All of the band’s best releases have been for Tooth & Nail except for “The Ever Passing Moment”, which was okay, and “The Way of the Buffalo”, which was awesome. “Secret Weapon” is one of the more unique albums from these guys. It was recorded in a short amount of time and that’s probably a good reason why it sounds so energetic. Weapon feels more like a full on sprint from beginning to end, with the race being fueled by some awesome rhythm section work. Bass and Drums on the new MXPX are some of the best that the band has ever done. Yori Ruley and Mike Herrera have always been good, but on the new album all of the skill that they have is used in an effective way. The guitar work here by Tom is also good, Tom is the perfect counter-part to Mike’s bass because in a way the two roles are switched. Normally the bass gives the fuel to the guitar; with MXPX stuff a lot of times the guitar is giving the fuel to the bass. What I’m trying to say here is that the three dudes of MXPX and all of the other dudes that helped out on the album did a great job. Musically this album is good, lyrically it’s a little odd. The pop references and the quirky vocals are always pretty common with MXPX stuff but you never get used to them. Some gems on “Secret Weapon” include Herrera busting into some wordplay with “Feel the bass so low, feel the bass so low, feel the bass solo”, I didn’t really catch on right away with that, but it doesn’t mean you won’t… Another cool line in the album is Herrera making the Adam Sandler/“Anger Management” reference busting into Goosefrabas. Some solid stuff. The latest MXPX isn’t the band’s best work, but it’s the band’s best work in a long time. As usual it’s a fun listen and it deserves some time. For a fun 16 tracks check out the latest MXPX.


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