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Young Modern

You’d think that the new Silverchair would have to be awesome just by Ben Gillies’s porn-star moustache, he rocks it and he rocks it well. Anyway, I’m torn on the new Silverchair because it’s hard when something that you’ve loved and embraced for so long is one way and it evolves and it grows into something completely different than what you’re used to. The new Silverchair album “Young Modern” is one of those situations for me. While it’s completely different from anything the band has ever done, there’s no denying its genius. You won’t find anything this poppy on an album like “Frogstomp” or even “Neon Ballroom.” It’s almost like Silverchair has been listening to a steady dose of Bruce Hornsby & The Range, The Eurhythmics, and 5th Dimension. All of those influences are molded into something that can best be described as very retro and original. The string arrangements and overall music composition/writing on “Young Modern” is brilliant. This is an album to listen to with headphones on just so you can catch all of the subtleties in the music. The songs on “Young Modern” are pretty timeless too, “Straight Lines” would be on the charts in the 80’s and it’s hard to imagine any of the last 3 or 4 songs on the album not fitting in with anything done in the 60’s and 70’s. Daniel Johns and the rest of Silverchair are excellent at what they do and at this point in time they have matured amazingly from album to album. Is this album for me? No way. I’ve got to be honest there were times that I wanted to scream because this is nothing like the Silverchair that I used to know and love, it’s something that’s evolved into something way more advanced than what was there in those good old days. This new Silverchair album isn’t for everyone. If “Frogstomp” is your favorite album in the world then this album’s not for you. If you were more about the “Diorama” days and even the “Neon Ballroom” days this is the disc for you. If you’re the prior then prepare to be a little frustrated. If you’re the former then prepare yourself for an awesome listen.


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