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The Kicks of Passion

Chicago based popsters Powerspace recently released their debut full length album, “The Kicks of Passion” for Fueled By Ramen, and although it doesn’t have all of the energy of the band’s debut EP “Houston We Have a Party” most of the energy that was there when the band first came out is here, and that’s a huge plus. “The Kicks of Passion”, if nothing else, shows you what kind of potential these guys have. “Right On, Right Now” is one of the funnest songs to come out this summer and that type of uptempo energy is delivered track in/track out. Especially on “Be Aggressive” and “It Smells Like Electricity in Here.” If you’re listening to these tracks and not wanting to bounce around the room there’s something wrong with you. The uptempo pop/dance tracks are outstanding but what gets to me are the more diverse tracks that show what this band could be like. A good example of this; “I Met My Best Friend in Prague”- the techno/dance stuff that Powerspace does is implemented perfectly on the song in a darker way than it is on the rest of the album. It’s a little bit Panic! At the Disco, and its a little bit Click Five, but when you combine those two elements you’ve got something that can beat the hell out of both of those bands. “The Kicks of Passion” isn’t the best release that these guys can do, but it’s not going to be the last thing they make either. The expectations were probably a little high after a successful EP like “Houston We Have a Party”, and those expectations weren’t met here. On the brightside though, that means that these guys can do better and everybody knows it. If you’ve heard the EP- leave this alone, if you haven’t heard the EP- definitely pick this up. No matter what you do though, expect big things from Powerspace in the future.


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