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The latest album by National Product quite simply rocks. Post-Hardcore continues to grow and is starting to kick ass and this latest release by National Product makes them one of the bigger boots in the genre. “Luna” is a complete release by National Product and is easily one of the most accessible, most entertaining, and most skilled acts in the whole genre. The harder tracks on “Luna” are excellent, especially the opener “By All Means.” That’s one of the best in your face type songs to come out this year. But where National Product is really impressive; their ballads. The ballads touch on emo territory so much that they would make Dashboard Confessional proud and Secondhand Serenade jealous; especially with “Love Me.” That song is one of the best ballads I’ve heard this year and it’s a big reason why “Luna” gets two big thumbs up. The only real criticism I have with “Luna” is the songwriting. Most of the songs are great on the disc but there are a couple of moments where things drag on and get boring when they just don’t need to. “Collision” is a big one of these moments. Other than that track placement is a bit of a weakness. On independent releases your best song goes at the beginning, and they get that right, but it would have been nice to have “Love Me” at the end of the disc instead of “Explode”, it just seems like a better way to end it. If you want to check out a new band that will impress instantly check out National Product. There’s no doubt that these guys could use some polishing here and there, but there’s no denying raw talent; something that National Product has no short supply of.


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