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Reel Big Fish

Monkeys For Nothin` And The Chimps For Free

It’s hard to believe that these guys are still going strong, but then again nothing with Reel Big Fish makes sense and that’s the way it should be. I started listening to these guys in elementary school… that was 1996. Other bands to be around since then, stay together, and stay relevant include The Counting Crows, Live, Sister Hazel, and Matchbox Twenty. Reel Big Fish has lasted longer than 3rd Eye Blind; tell me you would have made that bet in 1998! Anyway, Reel Big Fish is back with another album in 2007, “Monkeys For Nothin’, And The Chimps For Free.” Monkeys is the return to independent music for RBF- they’re on Rockridge Music- and really it’s a return to what made them successful and the best thing they’ve done since “Everything Sucks.” Monkeys is fun and that’s what a Reel Big Fish album should be. This is the record that the band should have made after “Everything Sucks.” Its fun and creative- you’ll be rambling off F-Bombs with the band every step of the way on “Another F.U. Song” and you’ll be reaching for a beer on “Everybody’s Drunk.” All of the songs on the RBF album are fun and they’re all good this could be the best batch of songs that the band has written. Reel Big Fish are enjoying what they’re doing again and you can tell. This is an important release for the band and a life preserver for any ska fans that are out there waiting for something decent to listen to. If you’ve ever been a Reel Big Fish fan this album is for you.


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