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On My Way

DeSol’s latest effort “On My Way” struggles right from the onset. The first three tracks on this album are a struggle to get through. Albie Monterossa’s lyrics on these first three songs are atrocious, it’s like Weird Al Yankovic singing Latin music; it’s that bad. Not only that, but everything is predictable with those first three songs, the melody, the hook, everything. Bilingual or whatever, these first three tracks feel like recycled pieces from each other and from other work, and they’re just not worth your time. I wish I could say that the record completely turns itself around after the first three songs but it really doesn’t. There are a couple of moments of brilliance; “Mona Lisa” is what this entire record should have been and one of the few bright spots. The song is unpredictable and it’s smart lyrically and musically. Monterossa’s vocals turn around at that point in the album, and that’s one of the few reasons why you can make it through the album, because although the vocals get better the songwriting really doesn’t. This is rough because there’s a lot of talent that can be utilized here, but that talent also needs improvement. DeSol’s “On My Way” doesn’t pass as a good release for these guys. Just because these guys are unique it doesn’t prevent them from putting out something that's pretty average.


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