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Sound the Alarm

Stay Inside

Sound the Alarm is Geffen’s answer to bands like Quietdrive and Boys Like Girls. It’s all music in the same vein; it’s the emo type pop punk that has strong melody and decent songwriting mixed in with unorthodox lyrics and really strong thickness. Sound The Alarm has the better songs of the three, that’s the best part. 75% of the songs on the band’s album “Stay Inside” are catchy through the verse and have some great melodies in the chorus. Unfortunately, as far as singers go Cody Jancovic is pretty weak here. Kevin Trunkenmiller of Quietdrive can pull a listener in with his lyrics and with his vocal work; Jancovic’s vocal work is weak in that department. He’s adequate, he just doesn’t have the capability to get the focus of the listener and that’s the main problem with Sound the Alarm. The good thing with the band though is the guitar work and the general musicianship is excellent. There are 6 or 7 solos throughout the disc that are solid and the drum work is outstanding too. While it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, Sound the Alarm’s “Stay Inside” has its moments. There’s lots of room for improvement with this band on their next effort, luckily with Jancovic and co.’s songwriting skills there’s lots to improve with.


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