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Our Love to Admire

Sometimes artists reach a creative peak and never really do anything better after that album. Editors are in jeopardy of that happening to them. It happened to The Presidents of the United States of America, and it’s happened countless times before. Interpol is in jeopardy of that right now. No matter what they do or how hard they work they can’t make an album that’s as good as their 2002 release- “Turn on the Bright Lights.” The album was amazing and the timing for its release was perfect. After Lights came “Antics” and although the album was decent, it just wasn’t as good as “Turn on the Bright Lights.” On the band’s third “big” album, “Our Love to Admire” you would hope that it would be a step in the right direction towards the band’s days with “Turn on the Bright Lights”, unfortunately that’s not the case. Interpol’s always been a tough band to put a tag on. They’re a lot like Editors, except they’re a little darker, their sound is a brooding sound that is carried by some steady, solid, guitar work and a slow drum beat.”Our Love to Admire” is the band’s second album that slumps in comparison to their debut, but it’s not to say that the album isn’t good. It’s a little compulsive and too polished for its own good sometimes, but it’s still good. Songs like “No I in Threesome” and “Mammoth” (naming a couple) are brilliant here. The guitar soars and the drums/vocals keep everything steady. It’s when the band tries to be up to snuff with major label work that it suffers. The major label work is definitely here. There was some money used in recording and mixing this album, and that’s almost a bad thing. Some bands are meant to be independent sounding bands. Interpol is one of those bands. Another thing to mention with major label stuff is growth- sometimes they want you to be what you are and not much else, you get that vibe on this record. Putting all negatives aside about this being an independent band’s major label debut or about them never able to match lights, or anything else that I might be able to criticize Interpol about it’s worth mentioning how good these guys are. There’s no doubt that they’ve created a solid album here, it’s just that when a previous album is so good- it’s hard to follow that with anything that’s better. Only the legendary bands have done that, and that’s why there are so few legendary bands.


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