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To follow up to their debut album "Now You See Inside" SR-71 seems to have dropped the punk rock sound that broke them into the mainstream with the hit "Right Now". Instead SR-71 brings a darker, more serious sound on their sophomore effort "Tomorrow" which is clear from just one listen to the Linkin Parkish sounding lead off single and title track. With strong lyrics, and mastermind Butch Walker manning the production on a handful of tracks the formula is here for a strong album. Unfortunately this album doesn't exactly stand up to the potential that it possesses. By no means is this a bad album, however it seems like SR-71 tried too hard to sound like someone else. Bringing in three different producers for this release, the album is missing a congeniality and completeness that any album should have. Songs like "My World" and "Hello Hello" have a strong hook, but contrast too much with the almost punk sound of tracks like "She Was Dead". The contrasting styles, and sudden "angry" sound that SR-71 has picked up might leave fans wondering if SR-71 wants to sound like themselves or what's hot right now.


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