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It really pains me to say this but it looks like Korn is starting to fade away. They haven’t released anything good since “Untouchables” and most everything that they’ve released since “Untouchables” has been annoyingly electronic. This should serve as an example to labels and to all the bands that had success in the post-grunge era. Stop bending over for a dollar and do what got you here. Labels want something new and innovative and artists want their career to continue. But when you’re an established artist like Korn you can keep doing what you’re doing in one form or another and it will continue to sell. Instead Korn goes too far out of their element and produces something that’s not on par with their previous efforts.
The new Korn album isn’t named, and I don’t really understand it. Maybe they want their fans to call it what they want. I’ll spare you my names for the album. The music makes this feel half-assed, so does the fact that the band is missing two band members, not giving this disc a title just puts the punctuation mark on how half-assed this actually is.
I miss the old Korn. I miss Jonathan Davis out there rocking tube socks like it’s nobody’s business. I miss being able to go to a show and enjoying the general atmosphere of rock. I miss playing a disc from their days on immortal and just shaking my head and enjoying how much these guys actually rocked. Ever since the blasphemy that is “See You On The Other Side” Korn has changed and for the worse. For the sake of their career and for the sake of their fans Korn needs to back to what got them to where they are now.


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