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Drowning Pool

Full Circle

The new set from Drowning Pool accomplishes a number of goals for the band. It’s another album for the band and with all of the drama around them that’s a good thing. It makes a lot of their fans forget about a large chunk of “Desensitized” and the Jason Jones era, which is definitely a good thing. But most of all, the new Drowning Pool album is a quality release and what the band’s sophomore album should have been. “Full Circle” is the first Drowning Pool album with the band’s new lead singer Ryan McCombs. And Ryan does an awesome job fronting this band. It’s too bad that he wasn’t available in 2003 before they enlisted Jones (he was fronting Soil at the time.) McCombs delivers a lot of attitude and he delivers a lot of passion to the music. There’s no doubt that this is the right guy for the job. Behind McCombs are three amazingly talented guys and the reason why Drowning Pool has lasted as long as they have in the music industry. Mice Luce is one of the best drummers in metal throughout the past decade and C.J. Pierce and Stevie Benton aren’t just skilled at what they do, they do an effective job of thickening up their music to levels where not many other bands can get to. Because these guys are so good, a level of music – recognizable, actual music can be heard on “Full Circle”. 99% of other metal bands could never pull an album like this off. That’s what makes this a great album. Where “Desensitized” felt like a joke in places, “Full Circle” rocks. The title track is awesome. “Soldiers” is the best DP song to be written since “Sinner.” “37 Stitches” is arena-type song that soars through your speakers. And “Duet” is an awesome track that’s highly reminiscent of some of the better metal that came out in the early 90’s. I mentioned goals in the opening paragraph; “Full Circle” accomplishes a ton of them. Another goal that’s accomplished with “Full Circle” and with everything that Drowning Pool does for that matter is the memory of the band’s fallen lead singer Dave Williams. Dave died of heart disease in 2002 and alternative metal lost out on a guy that would have continued to make outstanding music. Everything this band does is followed by that tragedy, but they continue on. Not just because it’s what they love doing, but because it makes people talk about Dave and makes people remember him. Even if you don’t like Drowning Pool’s music that type of character and that type of class is worth recognizing and respecting. Drowning Pool returns to form on “Full Circle”, but more importantly they don’t forget.


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