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Anthem for the Underdog

The new 12 Stones album, “Anthem for the Underdog” is more mainstream and more mature than anything else the band has released. That’s not to say that it’s not as good as their previous work; on the contrary it’s the exact opposite. “Anthem for the Underdog” pulls 12 Stones out of down period with “Potter’s Field” and they are back to their original form again.
A more mature and a more mainstream-friendly 12 Stones appears on the band’s third album for Wind-Up “Anthem for the Underdog.” This is one of the bands from a few years ago that had to adapt a little bit to survive in today’s rock market and they have; showing up with an album that is their best work yet. “Anthem in the Underdog” succeeds where the band’s two prior releases succeeded with great songs, quality musicianship, Paul McCoy’s great voice, and some insane hooks. More importantly with Anthem though is it succeeds where the band’s previous work had failed; diversity. It seems like there’s every kind of song on the new 12 Stones album, and that’s what makes it the best album yet. Talking about the songs on this album; there are some great ones here. The single, “Lie to Me”, is the best song that this band has ever done. There are two different versions on the new album; the normal album version along with an acoustic version as a bonus track. While “Lie to Me” is the middle of the spectrum song on the album, on two opposite sides are 4 different songs that make the album. The harder, edgier songs that are more reminiscent of old 12 Stones stuff are “Adrenaline” and “This Dark Day”, both songs are awesome. The two slower/softer songs are the tracks that really amaze me on this album. I didn’t think the band had it in them to do songs like “Broken Road” and “It Was You.” These two songs are so completely different from anything else the band has done it makes them incredibly refreshing. There are some stand-out tracks here and overall this is a good album, but this album also has a couple of scrap tracks that you should avoid. “Arms of a Stranger” is a ridiculous Hinder rip-off that shouldn’t have made it on the album. And while the song “World So Cold” is more ambitious than any other 12 Stones track in the past, it just doesn’t work. You can’t have a song that’s reminiscent of Queen on a 12 Stones album. No matter what you do it’s not going to fit. Stay clear of “Arms of a Stranger” and “World So Cold” and you’ll be fine with the new 12 Stones album. While this new album has those two weak moments, overall it’s still a good album and the best that the band has ever done. Even with those two low spots this album is complete and that’s something that really couldn’t be said about the bands two old albums. Definitely check out the new 12 Stones album.


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