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Lost Highway

Writing a review that absolutely has no place going up, I decided to write it anyway. Why doesn’t it belong? Because it’s from a band/guy that has lost every piece of creativity they ever had by going country. Will somebody please remind Jon Bon Jovi that he’s from #@($@* Jersey! Seriously, what the hell is going on here? Questions of overall weirdness aside, judging this just by the music. It’s kind of like they said, ‘okay we’ve got about 6 songs, and no ideas. Let’s plug the rest with country songs! That’s different!’ Honestly I don’t mind Bon Jovi stuff. As long as it was made before 1995, I don’t mind it all. They’ve written some good songs and done some good work. After that… not so much. There are some songs on here that aren’t terrible… “Whole Lot of Leavin’” get’s pretty country but the song has a good hook. It’s pretty average, but not terrible. Ditto that to “Any Other Day”, and to “The Last Night.” Think of Bon Jovi’s song “Always” on just about this whole album, but with a little country going on. Some numbers to avoid… or to listen to for a good laugh. “Summertime”, “Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore”, and “We Got it Going On.” There’s something about Big & Rich that has the capability to induce vomiting. It’s in rare form here. Okay, so maybe this album wasn’t exactly marketed towards us. Maybe it was marketed to people over 35, but still. Sometimes I’d just like an artist that’s done so much in his career to just stop. This is one of those instances. Stevie Wonder is one of my favorite artists ever, but everything he’s done later on his career just seems forced, unfortunately Bon Jovi is treading in similar water now. I’m sure this is going to sell, but at what cost? It would have sold just as well if they decided to do the usual Bon Jovi set, and then it wouldn’t seem like they were selling out.


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