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Circa Survive

On Letting Go

Former Saosin front man Anthony Green’s second big project Circa Survive released the follow up album “On Letting Go” to 2005’s “Juturna” in the summer of 2007. “Juturna” was a decent album, but it wasn’t near where it should have been. You’d expect anything from Green to be amazing, that album was just good, not amazing. “On Letting Go” isn’t amazing either, but it’s a lot closer to it than the band’s previous release. If you’re unfamiliar with old-school Saosin stuff you’re not really familiar with Green. His voice is incredibly unique and for some it takes a while to warm up to. A big complement for Green though; if there is a perfect voice for emo- it’s his. His voice is unique and excellent, and there’s a weakness and a vulnerability to it that can’t be matched. That weakness and vulnerability is what made Saosin songs so good, and it’s what makes Circa Survive so good, the lyrics aren’t just sang; they’re meant. There’s not really much you can say about this album other than it’s good. Musically it’s great. The guitar and drum work is stellar, and the songs were written excellently, the production is top notch, and the lyrics are deep and meaningful. There’s not a lot to criticize here. The only thing that you can really say is although this album doesn’t have any low moments, it doesn’t really have any real high moments that just blow you away, with a second Circa album I was expecting that. If you’re a fan of emo you have this already, if you are and you don’t you should. While there’s nothing that’s really over the top here, that doesn’t change the fact that this is a solid effort from one of the genre’s best bands.


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