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Head on Straight

There are few bands still around today that music listeners can count on to put out a quality album every release, Tonic is one of those bands. On their third release Tonic hasn't been effected by the changing alternative music scene staying true to their sound with great lyrics, loud guitars, and of course the spectacular vocals and songwriting of Emerson Heart. From the opening track Roses, Tonic hooks the listener in with great guitars and a hook filled chorus. Also noteworthy are the ballads "Count On Me (Somebody)" and "Head On Straight" both arranged and written beautifully to present a side of Tonic that is often overlooked. Bringing in producer/engineer Bob Rock may have taken away some of the raw talent and abilities that Emerson Heart possesses as a producer, which he showcased in their self produced second album. Regardless, Tonic's amazing musicianship and incredible lyrics still shine through strong showing that Tonic is one of the few bands left in the industry that have their head on straight.


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